A Special GCI & HeartMath Event in Mexico – Dec 5-9, 2012

Experience a training program, meditations, deep relaxation and plenty of spirited recreation.

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The Heart of Transformation
Activate Your Heart’s Intelligence


We invite you to join us as we approach December 21, 2012 for an important gathering and training program designed to increase access to your heart’s intelligence, elevate the heart coherence base-line in planetary consciousness and usher in a new era of harmony and enduring peace.

The Global Coherence Initiative,
Institute of HeartMath and HeartMath LLC
are Hosting a Special Event
Wednesday-Sunday, December 5-9, 2012
at the TAO Resort and Wellness Center

– a beautiful event facility located in the
Riviera Maya in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.

Become a Coherence Builder and Help Create a New World!

We are gathering in this unique location at this important time to share information about how to access the intelligence of the heart, to understand the interactions between humans and the earth’s energetic fields and to join together using our collective "heart" to help create more ease and flow through coming changes for ourselves, humanity and the Earth.


The Heart of Transformation – Activate Your Heart’s Intelligence presents pioneering research conducted at the Institute of HeartMath along with techniques and methods for those seeking self-empowerment during these dynamic times.

In your training program you will:

  • Hear about the science behind the Global Coherence Initiative, the effect of solar cycles on the earth’s energetic fields and their effects on people and society.
  • Learn scientifically-validated techniques that increase access to intuition, improve health, performance and well-being.
  • Receive information about energetic field environments and how to influence them for creating positive changes.
  • Experience changes in the heart’s communication with the brain and body in real time.
  • Activate the power of positive emotion to feel more clear, energized and empowered.
  • Increase your soul connection using heart coherence and help raise the planetary consciousness with heart-based intentions.

The Heart of Transformation – Activate Your Heart’s Intelligence Program Schedule:


Each day will include open time for you to explore the area, enjoy the hotel beach club, experience the TAO Energy-Spa, attend complimentary TAO Wellness Classes and choose from a range of extraordinary opportunities from sacred site visits, to world-class snorkeling and jungle tours.


Energetic Service

Each evening we will join together for special meditations designed to help you access the universal facilitation available in December and use our heart-focused care and intentions to imprint the planetary consciousness field with more love, care and compassion.

Meet your Facilitators

You have heard them on radio shows and teleseminars and seen them in movies like I Am, The Living Matrix and The Truth. Now experience them in person.

Rollin McCraty

Rollin McCraty, Ph.D., is the Global Coherence Monitoring System project coordinator. McCraty, who has been with the Institute of HeartMath since its creation in 1991, is IHM’s executive vice president and director of research and serves on the Steering Committee of the Global Coherence Initiative.

Howard Martin

Howard Martin is the executive vice president for strategic development at HeartMath LLC and a key spokesperson for HeartMath worldwide, delivering programs and keynote presentations and conducting interviews with major television programs and news publications. He is the co-author of The HeartMath Solution with HeartMath founder Doc Childre and is a Steering Committee member of the Global Coherence Initiative.

How much does it cost?

Your entire experience is all-inclusive including a four night stay at the TAO Resort and Wellness Center, transportation to and from the Cancun airport, all meals, all non-alcoholic beverages, access to the resort’s facilities and attendance to The Heart of Transformation – Activate Your Heart’s Intelligence program. (Does not include airfare or tours.)

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  • Single Person Occupancy: $1,855

  • Double Person Occupancy: $1,695

Do you have a friend, partner or family member who would like to attend the event with you? The double occupancy rate means two people who elect to go to the event together for a total price of $2,990 receive an overall savings of $320 for the event. Double occupancy is also available for anyone would like to share a room with a like-minded seminar participant of the same gender and save $160.

Space for this special event is limited so please register soon to reserve your spot.

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2012 and beyond is a time of transition and acceleration when we all will make important choices; choices that will have impact on the future of our world. Great opportunities as well as challenges are at hand. How will we respond? Join us to gain the skills we each need to create a new world, better navigate our future and facilitate the shift in global consciousness from instability and discord to balance, cooperation and peace.

Profits from The Heart of Transformation – Activate Your Heart’s Intelligence event will go towards supporting the Global Coherence Initiative mission.

The Global Coherence Initiative is a division of the Institute of HeartMath, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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